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If you’re visiting this page, you may be wondering how this website came about…

It started with one person’s experience – mine – and quickly grew into so much more.

I had a hard time after my own abortion – what made it even harder was that I thought I was the only one that felt that way. You can imagine what a relief it was to discover that I wasn’t alone!

Even though my abortion was years ago, I have found that many men, women, family members and friends still feel isolated and alone after their own or a loved one’s abortion.

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This knowledge, with the help of a talented and compassionate team of men and women, led to the creation of the interactive healing websites and (Spanish) and other helpful resources for both the person who is hurting and the person who would like to support them.

The emotions chosen by visitors on the Post Feelings Page and the stories posted on Explore continue to carry the themes of pain and isolation. To break through this isolation we wondered if there was a way for thousands of individuals to communicate ‘you are not alone’ and ‘we care’ – which led to this website and campaign.

Thank you for showing hurting men and women that they are not alone.


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